For obstetrics & gynecology, IVF and delayed childbirth

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Welcome to Amshaj

Amshaj Center for Women, Obstetrics and Delayed Childbirth
We serve you through the best professors and consultants in treating cases of delayed childbearing and obstetrics and gynecology with the highest standards of efficiency and quality.
Our Message

To provide every women / family who had a dream of maternity with modern top notch health services through the largest IVF center at the middle east competing with international standards as well as cutting edge standards for All OB/GYN subspecialties

Our Vision

To be the first choice for women whose suffer from fertility problems at Egypt –middle east by the year 2027 We always stick our slogan
(family growing family )

Our principles

- Belonging and empathy
- Respecting the rights of patients and families
- Respect the ethics and culture of society
- Ambition and excellence
- Teamwork

Family Growing Family

Medical specialties in Amshaj

We offer a group of medical specialties that serve you within a group of the best professors, consultants and specialists in those specialties.
النساء والتوليد
Gynecology &obstetrics
Delayed Pregnancy

IVF & delayed childbearing, Gynecology &obstetrics, through the best professors and consultants in this field 

Vagina HIFU
Gynecology HIFU

It is used to tighten and treat vaginal sagging resulting from muscle laxity for postpartum sagging and to remove the symptoms of premature aging. It will  be With a Medical Team Specialized in Women’s beauty & HIFU

Masculine Diseases

A group of the best university professors in the field of male diseases will be at your service and provide you with the best medical equipment for male surgeries.

Therapeutic Nutrition

We help you promote general health and lead a healthy lifestyle Reducing the complications of some chronic diseases. 

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New Patient

If you choose Amshaj, you should know that this is the best choice. We have the highest standards of quality and scientific and medical efficiency, the best and strongest in the Middle East.


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